Kevin Canterbury

Welcome to the website dedicated to the Kevin Canterbury and his amazing career in capital management. Kevin Canterbury is a managing director and founder of Redstone Capital Management, LLC. He began his financial advisor career in 2004 at fortune 500 firm before beginning his journey with Redstone Capital Management which he founded in 2010.

Kevin Canterbury joined the Army right after high school graduation and he attended Military Police School in Fort McClellan, Alabama. He was stationed in Japan, Alaska and several locations in Central America while serving his time in domestic and international services for 4 ½ years. Kevin is a graduate of Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minnesota, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business. He also has a Series 7 securities license, in addition to his Life and Health Insurance licenses.

Kevin Canterbury decided to open his independent firm in order to help individuals with insurance planning, and wealth management knowledge. He works closely with many successful individuals and families in order to help plan a successful future.

Kevin Canterbury is dedicated to helping understand his client’s financial needs and goals by providing one on one meetings. He believes it is essential that individuals have a good financial planner to help them determine what options are best for them in order to provide them with financial security. Kevin Canterbury provides his clients with an individual and unique plan that works for them and meets their goals.

When Kevin Canterbury has helped his clients come up with a financial plan, he will make sure to continue following up and helping make sure his clients are actually reaching those goals. He knows that each person’s goals and timelines in life are different and he wants to make sure his clients are reaching their goals that match the stage in life they are currently in.

Kevin Canterbury is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and has been a trusted and reliable financial advisor for years. He has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in financial planning and truly has a passion for it. One of the quotes he lives by throughout his career is “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” Henry Ford. To learn more about Kevin Canterbury and his fruitful career in financial planning make sure to keep up with his latest blogs.